How to become a Qigong master?

Follow our high-quality Qigong programs from Mentor > Instructor > Expert and become a Qigong Master.
According to the method of “Qigong by grandmaster Theo De Gelean” to your size and from your own space, thanks to our virtual programs.

Qigong brings you into contact with your own body and energy.
It teaches you how to get your strength and stay in it, but also how to sickness and disease can prevent and correct if necessary – It teaches you how to activate your body’s amazing self-healing ability.

Qigong mentor (yin)

Here you learn all the most important qigong principles, basic exercises and forms.
You learn to relax dynamically, to open your joints and energy centers, to generate energy and to send it to where you need it.
You will learn to work with yin / yang and the 5 elements and you will learn the basics of Chinese medicine and acupuncture or meridians.
You learn to feel energy and to detect and eliminate blockages.

As a mentor you are mainly concerned with yourself to master all this, but also how you can already help others to a limited extent. Because you have been able to experience the many powers and benefits of Qigong yourself, it will not be difficult to help others.

Our active certified  Qigong mentors

Qigong instructor (yang) 

You have the ambition to teach qigong – out maybe not – you want to do it mainly for yourself.
The fact is – experience teaches us that people learn more by teaching than by being taught. Where teaching is a rather passive event where you mainly imitate, teaching is much more dynamic. You should not only think about what you are going to tell, but also how you can present it properly. You see where people are struggling and you learn to work out exercises yourself to make it clear. But while you look at others, you are also more aware of yourself and see if you are doing well yourself. This process of feedback and adjustment is very instructive and increases the depth of your own qigong. 

Our “Active” Certified Qigong instructors

Qigong expert (yin)

With the experience you have gained as a Qigong instructor, it is time to focus again on yourself and go deeper into the Qigong you already know.
You do not necessarily need new exercises (you already know all important exercises and forms): you will rediscover your own exercises. By looking at them and especially experiencing them from your acquired experience, you will discover more and more fascinating aspects of your own body and energy. You embark on a formidable exploration that will take you to the very depths of your being. But you also become increasingly aware of the interplay between yourself and your environment… Yes, even the cosmos.
At this level you also discover how great your influence is, not only on your own life, but also for others.

Based on your expertise, you are increasingly able to guide others in self-healing and where necessary also heal yourself. Your knowledge of Qigong is supplemented with knowledge about herbs, essential oils, healthy food, Feng Shui, the six dimensions, etc …

From now on you no longer practice qigong, you have become qigong! Energy has few secrets for you.

Our “Active” certified Qigong experts

Qigong master (yang)

As a qigong expert you were again in the yin phase of your growth and education. The movement was inward again: input, self-study and reflection, exploration and investigation …

It is logical that a yang phase will follow. The acquired knowledge and energy begs to be shared, to involve and help others. You are now an experienced guide who can guide people to the most hidden aspects of being and convey your depth to them.

As a Master you ensure the training of instructors to teach them to teach well, but also the training of experts to find depth in themselves.

But even as a Qigong Master you do not necessarily have to teach. You can also just be a Qigong for yourself and others and through your attitude and example inspire and support others on their path.

How can I start with Qigong and which module is right for me?

You just want to exercise for good health or you want to get the experience Qigong, you will be taught by Qigong expert Ilse Vanbrabant


You already have some experience with qigong but would like even more, you will be taught by Grandmaster Theo De Gelaen op Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00 – 10.00. (formule only  3 mouth  or 1 year)


You want to learn more and more in-depth and learn everything about how our body works, you want to learn how to learn how to use the internal muscles, you will be taught by Grandmaster Theo De Gelaen Intensity2 and on Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00 (only as 1 year formula) these lessons are recorded, you get access to our private Facebook Group where you can watch the lessons again
You also have access to Intensity1 and Intensity2


You will be though in the wisdom of Eastern and Western medicine.
You will learn a lot about Qi, Yin and Yang, 5 elements of leather, internal muscles, etc.
A fascinating variety of practical exercises and theory where you can mentor yourself at the end.

As a certified mentor in “crane Qigong” you can grow from  Qigong Mentor to master in Qigong and even Grandmaster in Qigong.
You have access to 4 modules that you can put together yourself – you also have access to Intensity1

The training in Qigong is not a training of more and more (exercises, forms, etc…), but rather a training of less and more depth. Not quantity, but quality.

Not from collecting, but from deepening, researching. Not of cognitive, intellectual study, but of feeling and experiencing. Not of “brain” intelligence, but of “belly” intelligence.

You work with a package of exercises and forms that you already master in the phase of Qigong mentor.

In the following phases you will continue to deepen that package and integrate it to the maximum in your own doing and life. You learn to apply it to yourself and others, not by explaining it, but by understanding it and making it feel. By deepening the inner, you will also radiate it more and more. Like a tree with a large, spacious crown that has very deep and spacious roots.

The different degrees are not goals in themselves, not honorary titles. They are phases in an increasingly deeply rooted personal growth and development.

Qigong is like a journey where the final destination is not the goal, but the journey itself is the goal that takes us to many destinations.


Feng Shui Qigong

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