Qi Gong (pronounced “chee kung) literally means” working with energy “.
This is a more than 7000 year old Chinese discipline that teaches how postures and movements influence the energy flow in the body and have a wonderful effect on our health and feeling good.

Feng shui (pronounced “feng shweej”) literally means “wind and water”.
It is a more than 3,000-year-old Chinese philosophy that teaches us how our environment can affect our happiness and well-being.

Where we are going to optimize the energy flow in our body with Qigong, we are going to optimize the energy flow in our home and our garden with Feng Shui.
A good balance and harmony in our environment makes us calmer, a quiet environment keeps our body healthy.
In a healthy environment and a healthy body we can perform better and relax – Yin & Yang – giving and receiving …
With a relaxed mind and body we can react more quickly and take action where necessary.

It is clear that our environment affects how we feel good and that any blockages in our body threaten our health.

Feng shui shows how we can create harmony between natural and created forms so that what is not natural can still be brought into harmony with nature in order to balance the relationship between you and your living and working environment.

Qi Gong does exactly the same, but within the human body itself.
It provides balance and harmony between yin and yang, inner and outer, movement and tranquility. It ensures that we gain enough energy and use it with care and do not waste on actions or thoughts that are unnecessary.


Feng Shui Qigong

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