Qigong & Feng Shui Academy

We certify skilled, knowledgeable Qi Gong coaches / mentors> instructors> experts and masters.
This can be people who want to practice qigong for their own health or who have the ambition to start their own coaching business, or who want to integrate qigong into their existing activities, also business leaders en people who work in companies or healthcare who are stronger thanks to Qi Gong.

The academy offers all programs live-online which allows unlimited participation, private lessons can be taken in the Residence of Grandmaster Theo de Gelaen in Spain.

In the academy you follow the programs according to the method “Qigong by Grandmaster Theo De Gelaen” with respect for all existing Qi Gong styles and disciplines. Any Qi Gong is a good Qi Gong if given properly from the true essence of Qi Gong

Variety is good and necessary, but within that diversity you must always be able to recognize and find the essence. In music there are many variations and many instruments, but they all work with the same 7 notes.

No different with Qi Gong: all styles and forms must contain the same essence.

That is exactly the power of the academy.
To explore and share that essence… both with respect for the traditional Chinese origin and its principles, and from Western knowledge and science, such as biomechanics, neurology, anatomy, physics and even quantum physics.

Another objective is to enable qigong coaches / mentors to “grow” at their own place, time and capabilities. From the basics to the highest level of the internal “neidan” Qi Gong and even the “ling kong jing” to become a Master in Qigong.

The Qi Gong academy highlights and approaches Qi Gong from all its facets, the martial Qigong (with applications in the martial art) and the health-preventive to even the healing Qi Gong.

The academy can rely on an experience of more than 40 years of solid Western and Eastern knowledge for its activities and is open to anyone who wants to studie the method “Qigong by Grandmaster Theo De Gelaen”

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Qigong mentor (yin)
Qigong instructor (yang)
Qigong expert (yin)
Qigong master (yang)

Volg onze kwalitatief hoogstaande Qigong programma’s
van Mentor > Instructeur > Expert > en wordt een Qigong master.
Volgens de methode “Qigong by grandmaster Theo De Gelean”

Qigong – Exclusive private training & coaching
Kiatsu - energetische massage opleding
Exclusive private training & coaching

Feng Shui Qigong

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