Small San Sau – 3 delen MP4


De small san sau is een krachtige Taichi vorm vol met nuttige technieken voor gevechten op korte afstand. Hij maakt veel gebruik van Fa Jin of de explosieve kinetische krachten.


The Small San Sau is the fighting form from Yang Sau Chung. He teaches all the basic techniques for real self-defense in the street. Like how to move your body from the hips and how to generate energy from the feet and hips as well as how to gain power over a short distance. In fact the techniques of the Small San Sau are meant for short distances fight or close combat and shows a lot of Dim Maks. The small san sau contains very good Fa Jing training and learns how to develop this explosive kinetic energy and how to direct it trough your body to make your techniques subtle yet never the less very effective and powerful. Although this MP4 shows a lot of martial arts applications of this form, it shows also how one can train this form in the more healthy Qi Gong way.

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